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Landscaping Consultation Rates

EarhCare Landscaping offers four typesof consultaion service types. Each performed by highly experiened EarthCare Team Professionals with years of industry experience.

Design Consultation

Rate: $100 per hour
Performed primarily by: Deva Luna

Maintenance and Irrigation Efficiency Consultation

Rate: $85 first hour* + $60 per hour thereafter
performed by: Ulan Garduno

Installation Consultation

rates: $100 first hour* + $100 per hour thereafter
Performed by: Lisa Gates will be given info & resources to install or supervise entire project or portions yourself,
offer environmental & cost-reduction/value feedback on already completed or preferrably almost

* All hourly rates considered to be a minimum one hour.

Natural Front Yards - Lawn Replacement - California Natives - Water conservation - Sustainable landscaping


Natural Front Yards (NFY)

NFY is a low cost, low maintenance, professionally installed lawn replacement program using primarily drought tolerant California native plants.


Let us replace your lawn with Beautiful California Natives!


Starting at only $4.50 per sq. ft.


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