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PerkGrout Installation

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

We just saved our 4th client in less than a year from the mess between their flagstones!  These are all ‘retrofits’ from previous jobs and the clients were fed up with the messy fines.  We’ve also installed at least 4 jobs using our grout for our own new flagstone set in sand installations over the last year as well.

This job was particularly easy since almost enough of the fines had already washed out from between the stones and we pretty much just had to sweep out a bit, blow and we were ready to install PerkGrout. The contractor who originally installed this flagstone in sand patio did a very good job, note the nice large stones and the tight, consistent joints. Because of this we were able to get very good coverage with our grout, about 1/3 lb/square foot.


Close-up of PerkGrout: