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Follow-up on 2010 Bay-Friendly Conference

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Another successful sustainable landscaping conference put on by Bay-Friendly and! There were well over 400, probably more than 500 landscape professionals in attendance. I love being a part of any of their very well organized, professional events. This year was no exception as for the first time I got to be a vendor in one of them. We were displaying our latest phenomenal achievements with pervious concrete, what we call PerkTop. I am very grateful for all those who expressed interest in pervious concrete and gave their positive feedback to our PerkTop. A number of people asked for PerkTop samples and know that we will get those out as soon as we can in the next week or so.

Thanks again to all those that attended the Bay-Friendly conference and helped make my day by sharing in my love and passion for PerkTop, the ‘aesthetically acceptable’ form of pervious concrete.